Answering the Call

We are called to serve in different ways. Some of us choose to serve food;
Some of us choose to serve people in other ways. Have you thought about the simple act of opening a door for someone? We are not at that point serving someone? We are showing them respect and at the same time putting their needs ahead of our needs. Maybe that is why you get a thank you and a big smile. You have let the spirit within shine on someone. This is another part of the reward.
There are times while serving at St. Paul Episcopal Church Kansas City, Kansas on a Saturday morning as you are scrubbing the pots and pans that a smile comes across your face and you say,  "thank you Jesus". We have so much to be thankful for. The opportunity to serve is a blessing. It reminds us of how blessed we are and that through God's blessings we are to share his gift of time, talent and material goods. As we look around and see those who are struggling, God is presenting us with opportunities, opportunities to serve others.  We are many which makes our individual share of the overall task small. We are called to do more.
How much more can you do?

God is calling, don't hang up!